Center Stage

— Written By Sarah Delap

Presenting in front of a group is a fear of many youth and adults. It is generally required to graduate high school, college, and part of many careers. To assist youth with obtaining the skills necessary to feel comfortable presenting Pamlico County 4-H will hold a workshop on April 21, 2015. During the “Center Stage” workshop youth will practice presenting on various topics, work on visual aids, and even learn tips about inflection. Our goal is help youth feel comfortable in front of a group of their peers.

Youth will then present a topic of their choice at the annual County Activity Day. Gold and Silver winners in each category will be eligible to present at the district level. Also during County Activity Day youth have an opportunity to showcase a special talent (ex. Magic tricks, singing, dancing, jump rope, etc) during a talent show. Youth are not required to complete a presentation in order to participate in the talent show.

To register for the workshop and County Activity Day please contact Ms Sarah Delap at 745-4121 or All 4-H youth are encouraged to participate.

2015 Presentations at a Glance

General Info about 4-H Presentations: