The Great 4-H Scavenger Hunt

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The Great 4-H Scavenger Hunt, Knowledge Games: Join the Hunt and See what you can find, A detective in a yellow hat and coat walks away while images of the scavenger hunt float behine         

Staying home doesn’t mean there are no more adventures. Currituck and Pamlico County 4-H are excited to announce Knowledge Games, a series of scavenger hunts that will take 4-Hers all around the world. Participants will tour through some amazing institutions, exploring themes of leadership, health, and citizenship, as well as learning about the natural world, all from their own home. There will be nine scavenger hunts over nine weeks, each with its own theme. 

Each week all registered participants will receive via email a packet with the challenge list, rules and procedures, and resource links. Challenge lists were created for each 4-H age group, (5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-18) so everyone can participate.

Weekly Challenge Themes

April 15-21: Can you dig it?: What do you know about plants? Enter this scavenger hunt and race around the web and through virtual libraries and tell us what you know about gardening, horticulture, botany, and crop production. (Plant Science)

April 22-28: What speaks to you?: In a matter of weeks, virtual communication has become a mainstay for our day to day lives. But there are many ways to communicate. Take a trip through museums, and concert halls, listen to great orators, and find what speaks to you. (Communications & Expressive Arts)

April 29-May 5: Who do you want to be?: Any day is a good day to ask yourself who you want to be and what do you want to do? There have been many great leaders throughout history from all around the world. Can you find them? Can you learn from them? (Personal Development & Leadership)

May 6-12: The future counts, do you?: It has been said by many that “money makes the world go round”, but what does that really mean? What do you know about money? How to earn it, save it, manage it, and how actual money is made. (Family & Consumer Science)

May 13-19: Know Better – Feel Better: We’ve all been hyper-focused on staying safe and healthy. But what exactly is health and wellness? Can you tell us? (Healthy Lifestyles)

May 20-26: Bees, Trees, and the Seas!: The world is big, there are things that fly, things that swim, and things that swing from the trees. What do you know about them? What about the environments they thrive in? (Environmental Science)

May 27-June 2: Community, Country, and the World: Citizenship, government, community issues, service, culture and our place in the world. (Citizenship & Civic Education)

June 3-9: Vets & Pets: Creatures with feathers. Creatures with fur. Creatures with hooves and creatures with claws. Can you find them all? (Animal & Veterinary Science)

June 10-16: Scientists do what now?!: Botany, taxonomy, archeology, forensic biology! Cynology, phonology, biogerontology, corvid thanatology! Can you find out what these scientists do? (Science & Technology)


This program is open to all youth ages 5-18 and is free. Registration is required for each individual participating.

Register here:

For more information or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact Sherry Fischlschweiger or Kait Neeland via email:  or

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Updated on Apr 6, 2020
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