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Disaster Information from Extension NCCE Disaster Information Center:  www.ncdisaster.com NCCE Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/NCExtension EDEN-Extension Disaster Education Network:  http://eden.lsu.edu/Pages/default.aspx Pamlico County Government Disaster Information:  http://www.pamlicocounty.org/ Pamlico County Master Gardeners Are you looking to expand your knowledge for Gardening and Lawn Care and all things related. Would you be willing to share that knowledge with the rest of the world? If so, consider becoming a Pamlico County Master Gardener Volunteer. Farming, Fishing, and Forestry in Pamlico County Video Click Here Where the Land and Water meet the Sky! NCSU Tourism Plan for Pamlico County The Tourism Plan for Pamlico County is now available! Click here to download the PDF file, or contact Bill Ellers, Pamlico County Extension Director, for a copy: bill_ellers@ncsu.edu


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Extension's Gardening Portal at NC State University provides access to a wealth of information, events and resources for gardeners in North Carolina.  Managed by the State Urban Horticulture Specialist and Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agents throughout the state, it is your doorway to guidance about successfully growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and ornamentals in your landscape.


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Our partners at the State Climate Office of North Carolina provide the most accurate climate information to the citizens of our state. Their website includes recent news from their Twitter feed, featured products, quick links, and a map of data from their ECONet weather stations. You can also view data from more than 1,000 Southeastern weather stations on their full CRONOS map or follow their blog.

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Figure 4. These symptoms of pale green coloration of the upper leaves, and severe yellowing and beaching of the lower leaves may be observed by downloading the above .gif file. This image provides a 360-degree view of a symptomatic plant.
©2016 Forensic Floriculture

From the Field-Agronomy Notes

Tobacco Research Update: Nitrogen Deficiency of Tobacco In this tobacco research update, we highlight the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency.  These images are part of a project supported by the North Carolina Tobacco Foundation to MORE » – from   Tobacco Growers Information

Figure 2. View of a newly transplanted burley tobacco plant in the nutrient disorder irrigation system.  Note the yellow drip emitters used to deliver the nutrient solution.
©2016 Forensic Floriculture

From the Field-Agronomy Notes popular

Tobacco Research Update: Development of an Online Nutrient Disorder Diagnostic Key for Tobacco Over the next few weeks, we will be providing updates about our current research project of developing a web-based nutrient MORE » – from   Tobacco Growers Information

Hopper burn damage from potato leaf hopper on red maple

Maple Nursery IPM Update popular

I had several questions related to problems with maples last week. In the process I noticed damage from maple spider mite, hopper burn (potato leaf hopper), maple shoot borer, anthracnose, and canker diseases. MORE » – from   Wilson County Center

Bumble bee on coneflower. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Pollinator Garden Tour Wednesday July 13 popular

Wednesday July 13 at 5:30 pm Chatham County Agriculture Agent Debbie Roos will be giving a tour of Chatham County Cooperative Extension’s Pollinator Paradise Demonstration Garden at Chatham Mills in Pittsboro. The garden was designed to MORE » – from   Growing Small Farms


Excess Water & Flooding in Corn Extension Note from Dr. Ron Heiniger, NC Extension Corn Specialist What is the Impact of Flooding on Corn? Depending on the stage of development corn is fairly MORE »


Vegetable Garden Workshop “How To Get Started”

Come out and join Cooperative Extension for a   Vegetable Garden Workshop “How To Get Started” Topics Selecting and Preparing a Location Soil Testing and Fertilizer Application Planting Seeds and Transplants General Care & MORE »

Tospovirus TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus) symptoms
Elizabeth Bush, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org

How to Plant a Tomato

It’s spring and time to think about those gardens.  Often, the first crop that home gardeners think about is tomatoes.  However, this is probably the number one crop that the Pamlico Cooperative Extension MORE »



This week, we received several samples of stunted wheat from Robeson, Lenoir, and Beaufort.  There are more reports of wheat “going backward” in the Tidewater area.   Contrary to my earlier message, we MORE »


Downy Mildew of Wheat in NC

Several widely separated parts of North Carolina appear to be having outbreaks of downy mildew of wheat.   This is a highly unusual problem in North Carolina.  The current symptoms are severe stunting, excessive MORE »

Rust pustules on wheat leaf.
(Photo by Bill Willis, Kansas State University, Manhattan.)

Wheat Rusts in North Carolina

STRIPE RUST Low to medium levels of wheat stripe rust have been observed over the past week in a handful of fields in Raleigh, Plymouth, and near Goldsboro in the central Coastal Plain.  MORE »

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4-H Junior Master Gardener's Wed Aug 3, 2016
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Where:
Pamlico County Library, 603 Main St, Bayboro, NC 28515, USA
— 6 days away
Webinar - Assessing Sustainability for Agricultural and Urban ForestsThu Aug 11, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Where:
— 2 weeks away
4-H Junior Master Gardener's Wed Aug 17, 2016
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Where:
Pamlico County Library, 603 Main St, Bayboro, NC 28515, USA
— 3 weeks away
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