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Cover photo for Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summer Fun Summer is right around the corner, and its time to make plans! We are really excited about all …

Cover photo for NC 4-H Presentations

NC 4-H Presentations

2018 4-H Presentations Public Speaking is an acquired skill, not a born ability! Developing, refining, and delivering a speech with …

Cover photo for What Is 4-H?

What Is 4-H?

4-H has been in North Carolina for over a hundred years! What began as a cooperation between counties and …

Cover photo for Bear Island Camping Trip

Bear Island Camping Trip

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUN CAMPING? We are excited to be offering a three-day, two-night camping trip for our youth ages 11-14! This great camping experience at Bear …

Cover photo for Aquaponics Short-Course

Aquaponics Short-Course

Aquaponics Short Course, March 7, New Bern Convention Center Designed to provide entrepreneurs research based technical training in the fundamentals …

Cover photo for 4-H Sewing SPIN Club

4-H Sewing SPIN Club

Join us as we begin a series of classes in sewing with an amazing new science-based curriculum thanks to …